Entra, aprende, conoce el castellano
Entra, aprende, conoce el castellano

Soy Mónica, tengo 27 años y soy profesora certificada de español para extranjeros. Mi método de enseñanza es comunicativo, flexible y dinámico.

Me adapto a ti. Puedo dar clases solo de conversación o con todas las destrezas (expresión oral, expresión escrita, comprensión oral y comprensión escrita).

Soy empática, paciente, flexible y creativa. Intento encontrar el mejor sistema de aprendizaje para mis estudiantes. Enseño español a un nivel básico, intermedio o solo conversación.

Me gusta la Historia y la cultura de España (música, baile, personalidad, etc.). ¡Si quieres saber más cosas de España yo soy tu profesora!

Anteriormente he trabajado en una ONG, en dos academias de idiomas y, desde octubre de 2018, doy clases particulares. ¡Conmigo vas a tener las clases a tu medida!


Hello! My name is Monica and I’m your Spanish teacher. Do you know where my accent is from? Find out. Here’s Spain. Well! Do you know what the city is? If you think the city is Madrid then you’ve got it right. I’m in Madrid.

Do you know why I’m a Spanish teacher? Because I love teaching. I love being able to teach my language and my culture to you. And I love that you teach me what your culture is like. Really, it’s just exciting. We can see what similarities there are and which are completely different and they’re all very valid and they’re great. So teaching Spanish to foreigners is exciting. Really. To learn a language it is essential to speak and that’s what you’re going to do with me. I have a Spanish accent, from Madrid it’s pretty clear and I’m also gestculum. Then you’re not going to have any trouble speaking Spanish. I understand a little English but the goal is to speak Spanish. So… English goodbye. Ok?

And what else are you going to do besides speak Spanish? Well, whatever you want. How do you like learning a language? In our first class, that’s going to be my first question. Why? Because your interests, your needs your way of learning and your goals are very, very important to me. I need to know what you need to be able to tailor my classes to you. And every student is different. We’re all different. So for me it’s not possible to apply the same in one class and another. No way. So, let’s create the class together, okay? And you’re going to see how learning Spanish isn’t that hard it’s nice, it’s positive and it’s not going to have any pressure, okay? Pick me and we’re going to do some classes you’re going to enjoy. You’re going to like it, you’re going to learn and you’re not going to regret it, really. Test. See you later!


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